When the heart leaps forward

Someday the rebel in you will grow up,
Then you will consider what parents meant,

When their hearts was in their mouth,

This as it were only happens out of concern,

A colloquial speak that means what it says,

It means well, anxiety and love too.


Bountiful memories fill up the empty void


It wasn’t an empty void left,

Even though that’s was how it felt.

The parents who tended to your every need,

As a child starting the university of life directed by the Dean.

For that’s how it seemed in your eyes,

Because in your teens you often wanted to have your say.

But you were mostly expected to obey their points of view,

Causing no love lost between you and loosening the bond of weave.

As you got older and realised you were special to them,

You do everything too to show how much they meant.

You wonder how you could make up the time that slip,

But time and time waits for no man, becomes a bitter pill.

Memories of them are what you have left,

A bountiful lot to cherish and it is deeply heartfelt.

The Childhood Games


The childhood games we played and enjoyed hold great memories.  Of course it was a learning place and space too. What games did we play?  We clapped our hands, we run and fell, jumped, skipped and shouted, hid and got found, laughed and sang, climbed trees and fell out, cried and wiped our tears, got up and played again, agreed and/or disagreed with each other, got into  little squabbles or fights with each other, and made up within minutes because we needed a friend to play with.  In the background, there was always parents and adults keeping their wise eyes over us.

All in all, it also taught us to learn to relate to each other and people in general, to love others like we love ourselves, have empathy, be sociable and fair, independent, practice peaceful resolution of conflict, teach and share, look out for each other, be confident and strong, be inspired and have vision for a better future.

Nowadays I pray and hope every generation accommodates its young to have a childhood resembling  this.  Even amidst this digital age, its our duty as parents, adults and legislators to give them a place and space that’s not behind bars..

Now, right now let’s not waste time and their childhood by turning our heads and looking the other way because we would be and we are doing them an injustice.

Let’s be  Good Parents, Good Samaritans and Good Mentors.