Mini Us


How many of us on seeing the Daily Post today,

Thought of ourselves in our young versions,

In our miniature selves,

What memories did it bring to the fore?

And what maturity have we gained?

Thankful for small and big blessings I am,

And thankful for the bigger blessings I am looking forward to,

What about you?


How Grace comes from Housekeeping

I once found an old 1950s copy of a magazine which had amazing content touching different aspects of life and giving advice in the most elegant way.  The photos showed people who were graceful not so glossy and superficial. I’m sure lots of bloggers have seen or read a current copy of Good Housekeeping magazine, love it or hate it, there is a variety of topics to interest.

Now being the eldest I was an observer and learner in school and at home, there was no choice, in my family a girl child got the same privilege as a boy child and I was the eldest child of two eldest children.  So at home I observed pregnancies and both nice and terrifying family situations, (I mean illness/infant mortality) , discussion and advice sessions, learnt to tell stories, keep house and cook. Both my parents worked.  I had an Uncle whose hobby was photography and once a month when we visited, we had our photos taken for free and a collection built up.

There is Grace in Housekeeping, a reminder that there is really grace in good housekeeping, even though most people do get fed up with housekeeping.  My blog will add a little humour, salt, fire and spicy loveliness to everyone in their different situations.

Nursery and Family Fun Song

A bit of childhood memory, running outside to chase the storm, get the first of the rain on our heads and the reaction of mothers everywhere.  As the words of the first line came, I had the music of ‘London’s Burning’ humming in my head. Do entertain yourselves, children, family and friends with this.  In response to today’s ‘Daily Prompt :Storm

(Mum sings:)

The storm is coming

The storm is coming

Kaba Kaba! Kaba Kaba!

Hurry Hurry! Hurry Hurry!

Get Inside! Get Inside!


(Children sing:)

Raindrops falling

Raindrops falling

Jaja Jaja! Jaja Jaja!

Pitter Patter! Pitter Patter!

Run Faster! Run Faster!


(Thunder sings:)

Follow lightening

Follow lightening

Vava Vava! Vava Vava!

Come Come! Come Come!

Strike storm! Strike storm!


Written by Susanna Dziworshie

Bountiful memories fill up the empty void


It wasn’t an empty void left,

Even though that’s was how it felt.

The parents who tended to your every need,

As a child starting the university of life directed by the Dean.

For that’s how it seemed in your eyes,

Because in your teens you often wanted to have your say.

But you were mostly expected to obey their points of view,

Causing no love lost between you and loosening the bond of weave.

As you got older and realised you were special to them,

You do everything too to show how much they meant.

You wonder how you could make up the time that slip,

But time and time waits for no man, becomes a bitter pill.

Memories of them are what you have left,

A bountiful lot to cherish and it is deeply heartfelt.

Up the mountain to collect a bucketful of mangoes.


Mango is one of my favourite fruits and going up the mountain to get a bucket of fruit felt great, although that wasn’t the primary reason to go up the mountain.  The school term, which fell in the mango season was probably the best time of the school year.  Occasions like that were definitely a highlight, being 100 miles from home and not allowed to go out of those gates once you entered except for official school business was restrictive.  Seriously though, this was a lovely convent school, not perfect because there were things I didn’t agree with and voiced them and got in trouble for it.  But then everyone will have their own reflections of their time there. My happiness there was also down to having a good interview. The Reverend Sister or Nun who interviewed me gave me the opportunity to carry on with the things I loved doing before I went the school.  Conveniently for me, she was in charge of the school library and the prayer group too and she enrolled me into both. So that’s how I came to be in the school prayer group that went into the community to visit sick people at home or in the hospital and delivered gifts.

We made preparations for the trip by scrubbing our galvanised iron buckets clean and shiny.  Pawpaw or papaya leaves made the best cleaning agent for this job and there were lots growing around.  We packed the the buckets with the donations, and bottles of water to keep us hydrated.

Accompanied by the Nun and one of the school porters who acted as our Guide and Bodyguard we set off, singing as we went.  The prayer group made their annual trip up the mountain to give the donations of the gifts of canned foods and clothes to the elderly and disadvantaged in that parish.  The foothills of the mountain was probably 20 minutes away from the school.  By the time we climbed up and came down the other side, we would have done an hour of walking.  On the return journey we were allowed to pick as many mangoes as we could carry.  These had fallen from the trees on their plantation, which was on their side of the mountain.  The extra bags we took to fill up had the mangoes we would give to friends.  You could say, we had a mango feast until there was none left.

Smooth rendition


Whenever I see anyone doing their job and they do it well, it really makes me happy.  It’s like hearing a smooth rendition of music by a singer or musician, and watching an artist paint flawlessly and with ease also gives me this feeling. Of course, they would have put in many hours of practice for them to be very good.  It makes me wonder if they go with a favourite saying in our household, which is a popular 5Ps quote. I have ust found out it comes from the British Army’s 7Ps.  The civilian version is:


And may we be covered by blessings and goodness and mercy to be the best we can be.  But most of all, to enjoy what jobs or activities we do because its a path to less stress and good health.

The Childhood Games


The childhood games we played and enjoyed hold great memories.  Of course it was a learning place and space too. What games did we play?  We clapped our hands, we run and fell, jumped, skipped and shouted, hid and got found, laughed and sang, climbed trees and fell out, cried and wiped our tears, got up and played again, agreed and/or disagreed with each other, got into  little squabbles or fights with each other, and made up within minutes because we needed a friend to play with.  In the background, there was always parents and adults keeping their wise eyes over us.

All in all, it also taught us to learn to relate to each other and people in general, to love others like we love ourselves, have empathy, be sociable and fair, independent, practice peaceful resolution of conflict, teach and share, look out for each other, be confident and strong, be inspired and have vision for a better future.

Nowadays I pray and hope every generation accommodates its young to have a childhood resembling  this.  Even amidst this digital age, its our duty as parents, adults and legislators to give them a place and space that’s not behind bars..

Now, right now let’s not waste time and their childhood by turning our heads and looking the other way because we would be and we are doing them an injustice.

Let’s be  Good Parents, Good Samaritans and Good Mentors.