Core of the matter

The core of the matter

Is often debated

Each one passionate

But have they found

The core of the matter?

Do they understand it?



Four generations of women are sitting under the mango tree enjoying its shade.  “Imagine you are all sixteen years old today, what would you do?” someone asked.

Great Grandma says, “I am saying, I wish I knew at sixteen what I know now, then I would share even more wisdom with you all, why should I imagine when that’s my reality anyway.  Right now my mind is like a pendulum of remembering and forgetting, and the little space between them is the imagining.”

Grandma says, ” I know enough to want to celebrate my wedding all over again just the way we did it prioritising satisfaction over extravagance.”

Mother says, ” I would share what I know with as many people as possible, because it is better to take with you, the people you meet when you’re going up the rungs of success. ”

Daughter says, “I ask the questions, that’s what I would do and learn from your experiences.”

Written in response to the Prompt word ‘Generation’.

So bloggers, what about you and what would you do?