Natural environment


This documentary was half an hour in when I watched it. It was about a gorilla called Koko. She and another a male called Michael was brought up by humans as they were born in captivity. Well, one lady in particular was like her mother, nurse and friend.  Fascinating how Koko ‘talked’ through sign language and communicated with the lady and others in ‘The Gorilla Foundation’ in the USA.  She had a pet kitten and when it died he cried and yearned for another.  Koko got it but not the mate and the baby she really would have liked.

It was also an experiment to see how Koko’s behaviour and intellect was as close to humans as possible.  Koko was made a brand for financial reasons but she never lived in her natural environment because no attempt was made at this.  There was a 44th birthday celebration for Koko and she looked sad and lonely when she blew out the four candles.

I feel with the money made from the sales of brand goods and donations, a lot more could have been done for Koko like her having more interaction with a family of gorillas not just the male they hoped she would mate with. She could see a group or family of humans but she was often the only one of her kind among them.