Be the boss of that Panic Button


What panic button have you?

Don’t panic,

When fears grip you,

Whether it rises

From inside of you,

Whether it’s

From outside sources,

Whatever you do,

Let it be,

Dominated by you,

Be the boss,

Accept you feel it,

Denying it keeps it shut up

Only to raise its ugly head

Accept it belongs to you?

No way Jose,

So wave it goodbye,

Because you never wanted it,

In the first place.

It may take a little time,

Accept a little help,

From friends, family,

Be counselled,

Talk and listen,

When its over,

I’m dancing,

Join me.



Melody of music

The melody of the song,

Creates a harmony unheard of,

It touches the heart and the soul,

Goes deep, deep within the core,

Of the listeners sitting down,

To enjoy an evening,

Of music and fun.

My luxury or yours?

Luxuriously clothed because money is no object,

Does it give full satisfaction of money well spent?

Objects about the skin feeling luxuriously smooth,

The desire to own them, with monthly savings diligently made,

Is the satisfaction of the achievement worth a greater happiness?

“All the better for seeing you or all the better for talking to you, my dear.”






Good Morning to you on a bright new day of hope and all the better for writing for you my readers because it’s an honour.  The title of this post was popular in 1970s England as part of greeting someone until political correctness came by.  I appreciated it because it translated well from a greeting I had been used to and it helped me feel part of a larger family, happier and motivated to tackle the day and its surprises.  Therefore I was less lonely and homesick. My roots and life, inspirations and aspirations, my professions I was studying and my hobbies become great subjects to talk about.

So wake up and a freshness of air we instinctively breathe in, stretching out with our hands in the air going upwards, outwards or forward in a manner of pushing something out of our way.  Why? Because we want better, so all that is not we as it were we push away with our arms and hands.  Naturally all we all want is a friend, family or someone to talk to, listen to, we want our lives to be better in its totality or in specific aspects of it.  We want better for our marriage, children, family, friendships, neighbour, community, nation and the world.  Prayers and blessings are part of the start to our day and Our Lord God in his agape love takes care of us, but we can’t just want and wish, we have to lead better lives, to witness and do the practical things which shows we have been counting our blessings.  Oh, don;t ever think yours is zero. Using a sentence we now frequently hear, I am going to ask you to do a little survey question.  With 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, “How many times have you been blessed in your life?”  Please think about this and I will be happy to read your comments if you wish to share.

Some people live with their family and don’t talk to each other.  I have been a guilty party to this act and I soon learnt and practised not to let the sun go down on my anger. (Source: Ephesians 4:26).  I appreciate that, you are there for us to share our thoughts, words and problems, to help each other for the better and to be better.  Have a nice day.







Slowly healing comes

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the heart,
The tears fall like the well will never run dry,
Awash is the ache with refreshing fountains,
That gives to serenity a chance to rejuvenate.

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the mind,
The synapses’ lights are dim, then a flicker starts,
Charged with the will to sustain life,
That gives to joy a chance to reaffirm.

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the body,
The weakness ensues as ‘chemical currency’ ATP cannot be bought,
Intake of nutrients jump-starts cells to energise,
That gives to health a movement towards recuperation.

Face2Face Forgiveness not Trigger Finger!

Careless! Careless! Careless!
I am talking to you! Trigger finger,
Why do you go a-a-a-a Shooting
Kap-boom! Kap-boom! Kap-boom!

Careless! Careless! Careless!
I am reasoning with you! Trigger finger,
Where is your brain?
Splat! Splat! Splat!

Careless! Careless! Careless!
I am furious with you! Trigger finger,
How do you sleep at night? Bully and victim.
Bzzzzz! Bzzzzz! Bzzzzz!

Careless! Careless! Careless!
I am expressing myself! voice of Trigger finger,
Mum, What did you say? Oh yes, “Politics is a dirty game”?
Keep away! Keep away! Keep away!

Careless! Careless! Careless!
The world and I are astounded at you! heads of trigger finger,
Did you not promise to serve us, not have us targeted by trigger finger,
Screams! Screams! Screams!

Face 2 Face! Forgiveness! Reconciliation! Act Now!