It’s First Sunday in November 2018

Good Morning friends and followers and a Happy First Sunday in November 2018  Wishing you Happy and Blessed Days to a Happy New 2019 Year.

Don’t be irritated by striving,

Because I see you thriving.

Don’t be frustrated by trying,

Because I see you achieving.

Don’t be pulled down by your feelings,

Because I invite you to into my lean-ins.

Don’t be afraid to confront your negatives,

Because I support you to supplant in your positives.

by Susanna Dziworshie (copyright 4th Nov 2018)

Is all fair in love?

If only he knew what would happen,

If only she knew what would happen,

The lives of four families totally broken to pieces,

Like a shattered crystal decanter scattered in a million sparkling bits,

The new couple were like the far off bits,

Ostracised to outskirts of the town,

Of the village where preparations for a double wedding,

Enthused its inhabitants, who had been cheated.

They made a love nest from the little cottage,

With a pink climbing rose all around it,

Picking herbs, fruits and nuts,

Digging turnips, parsnips and potatoes,

Growing wild like their love,

They thrive.

Check if you must, be in control.

What am I obsessed about?

What are you obsessed about?

What are we all obsessed about?

Is it to do with locking the doors?

Is it turning the energy, ie, electric  or gas off?

Is it going over things twice to check for safely?

I bet you are already thinking,

What’s this got to do with obsessive?

Its just that powerful organ called the brain,

Our minds are being overloaded,

With all that we think we ought to worry about.

Don’t worry, be happy.


My luxury or yours?

Luxuriously clothed because money is no object,

Does it give full satisfaction of money well spent?

Objects about the skin feeling luxuriously smooth,

The desire to own them, with monthly savings diligently made,

Is the satisfaction of the achievement worth a greater happiness?