Or do you blame the clumsy vase?

I once saw a film and the PR team of a Art Gallery were working hard to impress this rich woman so she would attend an auction and spend some money.  Well, some clever or clumsy person placed a valuable vase on the stairs to add to the ambience.

As the rich woman came down he stairs her foot knocked the vase and she sent thousands of pounds hurling downstairs.  The staff thought she was the clumsy one.


A balancing act

The race was on, when I was little I witnessed a competition to judge the ‘Africaness’ of two young women prior to their marriage.  Being the apple of the eye of each of their families practically everything was done for them including cooking.

Therefore it was a surprise five years ahead, it was hilarious for my friends and I to be tested for this ‘Africaness’.  We were not even in secondary school yet.  Each of us had to carry and balance a large bowl of water on our head for some distance without spilling it.  We were being careful but in the end we spilled water from laughing so much.  We thought it was hilarious that it was always the young boys and male peers who set these challenges.

African Sky

I am running around,

My eyes are looking up at the sky,

So many stars looking down at me,

We play a game called Twinkle Twinkle,

The stars eyes’ open and shut,

They appear to say Twinkle, Twinkle,

I open and shut my eyes to say Twinkle, Twinkle ,

Now there are so so many stars in the African sky,

Going Twinkle, Twinkle,

I can’t keep up with them,

I keep looking up,

I didn’t hear my Grandma call out,

“Look where you are going”

Bump went I into the tree,

These twinkles are coming from nowhere,

There’s more to the African sky than meets the eye.


The Childhood Games


The childhood games we played and enjoyed hold great memories.  Of course it was a learning place and space too. What games did we play?  We clapped our hands, we run and fell, jumped, skipped and shouted, hid and got found, laughed and sang, climbed trees and fell out, cried and wiped our tears, got up and played again, agreed and/or disagreed with each other, got into  little squabbles or fights with each other, and made up within minutes because we needed a friend to play with.  In the background, there was always parents and adults keeping their wise eyes over us.

All in all, it also taught us to learn to relate to each other and people in general, to love others like we love ourselves, have empathy, be sociable and fair, independent, practice peaceful resolution of conflict, teach and share, look out for each other, be confident and strong, be inspired and have vision for a better future.

Nowadays I pray and hope every generation accommodates its young to have a childhood resembling  this.  Even amidst this digital age, its our duty as parents, adults and legislators to give them a place and space that’s not behind bars..

Now, right now let’s not waste time and their childhood by turning our heads and looking the other way because we would be and we are doing them an injustice.

Let’s be  Good Parents, Good Samaritans and Good Mentors. 



Daily Prompt: Flourish


Flowers are flourishing in our gardens because it ‘s spring going on to summer.

L O V E has been lit on St Valentine’s day to grow and flourish couples hand in hand.

Over the rainbow and at its end is flourishing the gold to make the band of rings.

Unlimited are they in showing their exuberance when children flourish in the playground.

Reaching out with joy to touch in the game of Tag, which flourishes around the globe.

Is it so popular because there’s really no need for teams, equipment or scores?

So when you hear laughter in the evening time, love is flourishing with a walk.

Happy noon laughter means we’ve let the kids out into the garden to flourish with nature.