Share Best Sandwich Ever- Competition


Let’s make it a Sandwich Competition,

Everyone is a winner,

Free entry, Free Winner,

John Montague, determined to win,

Caught by the gaming -table bug,

Eating slices of Cold Beef placed between slices of Toast,

Who? You know the 4th Earl of Sandwich started it all,

For 24 hours he did it and must have enjoyed it.

Cheers to you too if you enjoy your best Sandwich ever,

You need to share it though,

Automatically YOU ARE A WINNER!

Let’s hear from you.

It’s okay, for traditional sandwich, as well as a Roll, Baguette etc.

What’s mine you ask?

A Baguette drizzled with Olive Oil,

Sun-dried Tomatoes and olive halves,

Layer of Cos lettuce, slices of Tomatoes,

And Cucumber dabbed with little German dressing,

Layer of slices of Barbecue Chicken,

A touch of English Mustard.

Yum! Yummy!


Looking forward, onward and upwards

I have been writing on WordPress for a few months now.  A retired midwife who always had hoped to be a fully fledged author in my retirement years.  Trained from childhood on the Traditional ‘Egli’, that is the oral storytelling culture, I have continued into writing in many genres for myself and family.  I got a poem accepted in a newspaper once but it’s so long I remember the poem or the newspaper.  Is that terrible? No.  I am sure to find it among my many papers one day.  I am doing this course because I started by just jumping in and now learning the fine details of a blog is important to me.

The enjoyment of writing poetry, stories, plays and someone liking it gives me great satisfaction.  I am a mother and Grandma too, from this role there is a well of information with an added flavour of my African heritage.  Oh I mustn’t forget to include food recipes I love and travel tales.

Bloggers to my site will see lots of inspirational poems, prayers and stories.  I would like to have a section dedicated to Pregnancy and Family Advice. Something new has happened since joining WordPress, my love for photography is back and I have been out taking some pictures, which I hope will be good enough to add to the posts I write.  Everything I have written on my blog is new material. I look forward to a successful year of writing in the Daily Prompt Word Community and start publishing some of my old work.  I have made a Guest Author position on Success Inspirers’ World and also many great friends, I call you friends because of the support you’ve given me here.