Nan’s Birthday Cakes


“Don’t disagree with me Charlotte because I have been baking longer than you!” Jessie said.

“Well it’s all about following the recipe,” replied Charlotte.

“Isn’t this the same recipe Nan wrote down and has been the family favourite Cake every Sunday,” hmmm went Jessie.

“Girls how are the cakes coming on,” their Mum’s voice came through loud and clear.

It was their Nan’s birthday, Charlotte and Jessie both wanted to show her they could carry on the tradition she started.

Nan walked in and the biggest smile spread all over her face and she disappeared in the arms of her very tall grand daughters.


Big Sister Little Brother


“Obviously I’ve got homework to do,” said Nigel, “but I want to finish playing this game, it’s alright because I have a Time Table, you know a Schedule to get all I have to do done today. ”

Agnes replies, “If it is that obvious why didn’t you plan the homework before the game, that way you would be prioritising what’s important first, and do bring this Time table for me to see.”

“Here it is, see for yourself,”  as Nigel hands it over.

Agnes reads and finds something interesting and says to her brother, “So what time did you put down to finish the game?”

“Obviously when I have won, silly!” an indignant Nigel says in a loud voice.

“Your game ends now, because you could be going on with this game forever if you don’t win and I am responsible for you completing your homework before Mum and Dad get home,” added Agnes frowning.

“You big sisters are so bossy,” was Nigel’s reply.

“Well you’ve only got me, so appreciate moi,” retorted Agnes.

Fifty Guineas

You know when words keeps buzzing you.  Well, the word  Guinea, pertaining to the monetary association (not the country) is one of the words. The other is Outdooring or naming ceremony originating in Africa and mostly done around the world by people of African descent.  Possibly other people who love it may have adopted this rite of passage.

My memory is of the fun  aspect brought into this important ceremony.  Guinea was used in the Gold Coast and early days of Ghana and at the Outdooring, gifts of money are given to the parents.  An example is, the Compere, to get the attention of the audience assembled at the paternal family’s house between 4 am to 6 am usually says, “Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention, The beautiful lady sitting to the right has come to honour the new baby with Fifty Guineas(Fifty Pounds and fifty shillings) and we all together respond, Thank you.”  Food, items of clothing and other useful items also make up gifts.

Of course this would be in the dialect of the baby’s father with the Compere or an interpreter translating if necessary. There’s the hospitality aspect of food, fruits and drinks for breakfast.

The most important part is the  lifting up of the baby and calling out his or her name for everyone to hear.

A trip to Paris?

I am rewriting this post as it seems to have deleted. This is part of my Blogging Fundamentals course.  The comment I made was regarding http://www.Afiyabennett Blog, which featured a twitter follower’s suggestion on where to visit in Paris. The place is Laffayette Galleries, Paris and I thought it would be a good place for fellow bloggers to know about.  Put it on your list folks,  if ever you are in Paris, go and take a look for yourselves.  I am hoping to do just that.

It has been more than twenty years since I went to Paris.  My interest has been awakened by my family coming back recently and I’ve been hearing of how captivating the sites and sounds of Paris still are.

Family Picnic in the Park


The hampers were packed full with delicious goodies, the day had arrived for the Annual Family Picnic.  The family was now bigger and more multi-cultural since the last time Sahia attended.  There had been lots of marriages in the last ten years and they had received photos, videos and social media had been a link they would now treasure.  Her parents had been living and working in Seychelles where it radiates with sunshine all year round.  Now back in England this summer, hot weather was promised so everyone was looking forward to see each other, chat, eat and play.

Lots of preparations had gone into this occasion and jobs had been allocated when the favourites had been taken.  Well, everyone knew who was best at making Fresh Fruit Cakes, Sweet and Savoury Pastries, Chicken Curries, Beef Jollof rice,  Bourguignon, Salads and Sandwiches etc. Sweets, snacks and drinks galore were available.  Someone had the checklist so the Gazebo, cutlery, games, table, chairs and all manner of useful items were not forgotten.

They travelled there in a convoy and began to unpack.  As soon as the last item was out, someone shouted, “I felt a drop of rain.”   No sooner had Shazia replied, “Oh! you spoil sport,” did events get quite dramatic for about ten minutes.  The heavens opened with large hailstones sending everyone running for shelter.

Shelter was the nearest car and they all ended up in different cars to the one they came in.  They shared stories happily and got reacquainted while watching their delicious food and possessions being pelted on.

In response to Daily Prompt: Dramatic


The block of photos at the top of this post is from the Internet.

This photo above is of my first attempt pictures to get back into photography. I hope you like it.