Nursery and Family Fun Song

A bit of childhood memory, running outside to chase the storm, get the first of the rain on our heads and the reaction of mothers everywhere.  As the words of the first line came, I had the music of ‘London’s Burning’ humming in my head. Do entertain yourselves, children, family and friends with this.  In response to today’s ‘Daily Prompt :Storm

(Mum sings:)

The storm is coming

The storm is coming

Kaba Kaba! Kaba Kaba!

Hurry Hurry! Hurry Hurry!

Get Inside! Get Inside!


(Children sing:)

Raindrops falling

Raindrops falling

Jaja Jaja! Jaja Jaja!

Pitter Patter! Pitter Patter!

Run Faster! Run Faster!


(Thunder sings:)

Follow lightening

Follow lightening

Vava Vava! Vava Vava!

Come Come! Come Come!

Strike storm! Strike storm!


Written by Susanna Dziworshie


In the Summertime Sunshine

The sun is shining,

The children ran out to play,

Squeals of laughter follow like a river,

Sometimes there are some tears,

But their amount is only minute.

Knocks on doors from persistent children

Who are always brave to ask what they want,

Why can’t we play with your children?

The answer can be yes or no

And they accept it with mannerisms to match.

Children are free, children are fun,

How I look forward to hearing their laughter

In the summertime sunshine.

Daily Prompt: Flourish


Flowers are flourishing in our gardens because it ‘s spring going on to summer.

L O V E has been lit on St Valentine’s day to grow and flourish couples hand in hand.

Over the rainbow and at its end is flourishing the gold to make the band of rings.

Unlimited are they in showing their exuberance when children flourish in the playground.

Reaching out with joy to touch in the game of Tag, which flourishes around the globe.

Is it so popular because there’s really no need for teams, equipment or scores?

So when you hear laughter in the evening time, love is flourishing with a walk.

Happy noon laughter means we’ve let the kids out into the garden to flourish with nature.