The Wedding of the year

The bride and groom walked towards each other nervously because they hadn’t seen each other since the night they arranged with their cousins to be chaperoned, meet and talk.  This was frowned upon by the older members of their families and they were strictly forbidden to meet again.  The funny thing, they work together at the hospital, even the workplace they were watched and talking of anything else but their jobs was difficult.  They were in love and were prepared to go through this for the two weeks before their wedding.  A compromise had been made and theirs was a traditional cum modern marriage, it was not totally arranged.

Luckily the preparations for the wedding was gathering pace so this kept everyone busy.  Each day presents kept arriving to the bride’s parents’ house.

Meetings for the smooth running of this event was taking place among those delegated with roles to manage specific areas.  Of course, the hard work for the wedding of the year was compensated by the excitement it was creating in the whole town.



At odds? No.


“I understand you clearly

And I am not going to do as you ask.

So you  know why, it’s because I don’t agree with you.

Love does not mean I have to take risks for you” said the bride.

“Are you sure?

What about the risks I took for you?” replied the groom

“You did it because you love me unconditionally.” the bride replied.

Then they turned to their guests and together they declared,

“We promise never to live those words, we promise to be understanding of each other”

And together they smashed the glass with their shoes.

The guests clapped to see such a new take on wedding vows.