A Stroll with Shakespeare and Co.


Here I am actually reading the hand written manuscripts,

This is in another dimly lit scenario but with an ambience.

I had strolled into a room at the British Library

To my surprise I found long lost friends.

These authors’ words have been pressed into our minds.

Our memories are filled with their sonnets, poems and prose.

‘O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?’ I held my dimly lit torchlight close

To the words I saw and  gasped at.  What a book, a birthday present! Mine!

I was reading this book under the  bed covers so the dorm monitor would not notice.

I had done this with so many books before.

So to have this encounter was like, a deja vu of being

Mesmerised, happy, elated etc. etc. etc.

A stroll with Shakespeare and co.?

This time there’s a security guard and I couldn’t even touch the glass bookcases.