Baby sounds

The sounds a baby makes helps us to care for their needs.  There is the cooing, gurgling, babbling, oohs and aahs.  Of course we have the obvious crying.  The sounds vary as to when they want to play, to be held for comfort and bonding, to get attention for a problem to be solved.  It is not always easy to detect but attentive we must be until they are old enough to vocalise their needs.


Crying means…

There is a fine line between a baby being clingy and a baby who needs help.  There are various schools of thought on how to care when a baby cries a lot.  Whatever age the baby is, there is a need to find out why the baby is crying , even if you’ve done the feeding, changing of nappy, checking the basic health of your child and comforting him or her.  A little extra cuddle, talking to your baby or gently stroking the back can do the trick of settling baby back to sleep or resting in the cot.

Sometimes the baby might not be as active as usual, therefore taking a minute or two to stop the washing , ironing or cooking to check him or her will give you that piece of mind, that all is well.

Getting a toddler or infant  to stay in the bed and not cry while establishing a pattern of bedtime routine is one of the times you can get the most clingy baby and most tears ever.


The Saga of Childbirth

“The UNICEF estimates that an average 353,000 babies are born each day around the world.  The crude birth rate is 18.9 births per 1,000 population or 255 births globally per minute or 4.3  births every second (as of Dec. 2013″ estimate)

Statistics apart and useful as they are, in the hospitals, in the homes, in the cars and on the farms the midwife sees a woman, a person, a human being not numbers giving birth.  Depending on the preparation each woman has had for it, their obstetric history, their health and the support they have from partner, family and friends, their readiness for the experience and the experience itself is different for each and every one  giving birth.

I want you to know that going through labour and giving birth is only part of the saga.  For some women, it’s as easy as A B C and they keep coming back until they have that inner feeling that their family is complete.  For others the pain is nothing like they ever imagined and just the one experience is enough, despite what modern science has to offer in the form of pain relief.

For the multitude in the middle, depending on the Lord who said “Be fruitful and multiply” is vital.  For every difficulty that comes their way a prayer meets it to overcome it.  Being there for them is an honour, to use the skills, knowledge and prayer fulfils the joy we await and receive at the end.




























Diversity Delivered


There was one particular shift that I shall never forget.  That week I delivered a baby or two each shift and it was like round the world or continents in three days.  Do you get what I am driving at? Diversity was delivered and welcomed into my hands.  Three days a week means up to six babies and if I had to run to the car park or rush behind a curtain because a baby won’t just wait to get to the Labour ward.  This then means the numbers rose further. It was Christmas too and I was having my kind of Ball, it was an honour to see mother and baby safe and well, and everyone relieved and happy.

To be part of a family’s special event and a spectator to diverse cultures opens one’s eyes to the beauty of mankind.