Memorize my name,

Say it like I told you,

I don’t want it changed,

Nor do I want it nick-tucked,

Just like I say it,

I like it like that.



The homage she gave showed the humbleness not found in a queen.  That’s why the people didn’t  knew who she was.  In a disguise she wanted to see the lives of her subjects.

There was evil plans at hand to kidnap her because she had trusted her only friend.  Did her father trust this friend?  No.  So he had his spies mingling with the crowd and they pounced on the evil group.

Be careful who you trust.


Dance and Music

Watching dance and music from different countries, one thing was evident.  In their movements I see the visceral thrill of their lives being portrayed right in front of me.

What is it that brings tears into my eyes?  From Korea to Lagos to Romania to Brooklyn to London the stories have the same vein.  There is happiness and there is sadness, both built on emotion.