Mysterious Pull

The fascination with a magnet when you first see one is interesting.  Then this is on a small scale compared with the magnetic pull of the moon and the greater magnetic pull of the earth.  On a personal level for many there’s the experience of the magnetic pull of personal attraction.

Sunny days

Sunny days came again

Off to the Park we went

Our blanket to lie on

Our picnic basket with food

Good glorious food and ice cold drinks

Our rackets in hand we served and hit

The ball until we were tired and happy

To be enjoying such a sunny day.

Talents we are born with

I remember how the young boys and some girls used to make toys cars.  The body of the car was usually out of empty food cans.  The wheels were from used cotton reels collected from their Mums or the local seamstress. Best of all was the competition among them to see who made theirs unique and who won the race.

Now I wonder how many became designers or engineers in the car industry.