Zulu lanes

Zoo-Zoo  Zoo-Zoo

Zulu lanes between 

And betwixt the cages

Animal eyes peering 

Through the shadows

The metal tree-trunks create.

Holding umbrellas 

No assegai in sight

Yet fear is in their eyes 

Who sees it in those eyes?

That’s the question in Zulu lanes.


One-way street 

There is an increase in one-way street.  I think it’s a new policy either to ease congestion or bring about road safety.

I wonder how long the planning process was before a decision is made.  Was there a consultation?  One thing for sure, it makes for a quieter street for the residents.  Do you live on a newly made  one-way street and is it an improvement in the quality of your environment.

Scary, funny or ridiculous?

The Gremlins, I never liked the films but was curious enough to watch 1 and 2. Kind of scary, also funny and ridiculous.  Is the film a life lesson?  I think maybe, something that is innocent looking can turn out to be evil.  “Just be careful out there”.  Corny? No!  This was a tagline for an American Police detective programme.  I think it works well here.

Glory be God

Glory be to God in the highest Amen.

Glory be to God in the highest Amen.

For His mercy endures forever and ever, Amen.

For His mercy endures forever and ever, Amen.

Thank you  Lord for our family and friends.  

For being able to share your love

And your kindness to all today.

As we humbly walk in your Word.

(Gleaned from Luke 2: 14)

Motors honk pollution?

There are many countries with a problem of noise pollution.  This has come about through the honking of the motor cars by the drivers.  While on holidays I had personal experience of this in Ghana.  But I have since read, that the but I about the situation in India, Nigeria and Egypt.  I understand it is much worse.  No doubt there are other countries with the same problem too.  Statistically I wonder how many vehicles are on the road each day.

Why honk?

I reckon it is done so other vehicles and pedestrians not only give way but get out of the way too.  In some cases drivers do honk and have to give way to animals like cattle in India and in Africa the animals found on Safari.  Efforts to cut down on the noise pollution have been tried, for example, in Lagos, Nigeria, a ‘No Honk Day’ was very welcome and many people agreed it would be beneficial.  The article I read reports people haf suffered deafness from being in the environment.  They were traders trying to make a livelihood.  The Top 10 noisest cities in the world according to http://www.soundproofcow.com are 

  • Karachi, Pakistan 
  • Shanghai, China 
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • New York, New York 
  • Madrid, Spain 
  • Tokyo, Japan 
  • Delhi, India
  • Cairo, Egypt 
  • Kolkata, India
  • Mumbai, India