Almost twins

You walk along the road

Minding your own business

Doppelganger or what?

Tech era, so you pick your phone

Ring, Ring and you talking to your friend.

“Where are you? I ask.

“Oh, still having a late lie-in”, said Eric.

“Are you sure because I just saw you inside the store” was my reply.

“Oh! Weird” we both said.


Olde worlde house

When the old meets the young

Hmm, talk of archaic flows and meanders

Time is spent pondering on the old-fashioned

What out of date thing doesn’t get mentioned

Keep bygones as bygones

Oh no! Just time to use the antique tea set

And reminisce of times in a older worlde house.


Better to have and give support

When I read about the Japanese concept of Moai and how the people of Okinawa practised Moai as part of their culture, I was impressed.  Their benefit of this concept is longevity, has become transparent to the world. Moai means ‘ meeting for a common purpose’.    Okinawa uses Maois, their informal  groups of social support to help members.  A narcissistic personality would not be comfortable in that setting.  Okinawa is among areas of the highest concentration  of centanarians in the world.