No man’s land


Is it necessary to continue with puberty rites?

Can useful processes and benefits be woven in modernity?

Can it teach something that carries valour and values?

Are we caught in a no man’s land of liminality?



How irksome some people can be,Irksome

As much as you tell them to stop,

They think it is a joke and carry on,

It’s as if there is a blockage,

They are desensitised to another’s feelings,

There is so much hurt from their actions,

So keeping away from them,

Is a safe option,

Until they can understand the process of connecting,

and the respecting one’s human and civil rights.

Top of the Elevenses/ Brunch #51

Thank you God for a good day because  I am thanking  Him for the little things as we ought to.  It’s harvest time in most places around the world and the abundance he promised is what he has given us.  Of course there are places where drought, famine, wars, poverty and waste persists.  However the consciousness of humanity is awake.  It’s standard that aid is given in emergency situations.  We thank God for this and for countries that pledge and give to help build fundamental structures and teach ways of new technologies.

I continue to pray that accountability is taken seriously.

Egg Fried Rice with Honey/Grainy Mustard Baked Salmon was delicious.

Be the boss of that Panic Button


What panic button have you?

Don’t panic,

When fears grip you,

Whether it rises

From inside of you,

Whether it’s

From outside sources,

Whatever you do,

Let it be,

Dominated by you,

Be the boss,

Accept you feel it,

Denying it keeps it shut up

Only to raise its ugly head

Accept it belongs to you?

No way Jose,

So wave it goodbye,

Because you never wanted it,

In the first place.

It may take a little time,

Accept a little help,

From friends, family,

Be counselled,

Talk and listen,

When its over,

I’m dancing,

Join me.