Tempting us with delicious National foods

What shall I tempt you with?

An amazing array of foods is at your pleasure.

Which country’s national food will be the first?

I am looking for community effort here,

Many people have dual or more heritage,

So feast times have different platters of different countries.

What festive food goes on your table?

Photos are welcome.too.




Togetherness is of such a time as this.  At New Year’s Eve churches were filled with people, their singing and prayers make the crossing over service into the new year a joyous one.  Lots make the effort to gather together at home and in their social gatherings too.  The praise and worship, the sing-a-long, the cheers and hugs are what we remember of these company of acquaintances.  And at different times  throughout the year these people and the joy we shared as strangers, family and friends come to mind and help us carry on with life’s daily nuances.


Fish for supper.

The children stood fishing as they always did on Saturdays.  The bridge was their favourite spot, although they all had caught fish it was months and months ago.  Things would be different today.  Sal said he felt it, everyone knew when Sal felt something the day would turn out to be interesting.

Just then one by one each of them had a bite and caught a big fish.  They walked down from the bridge happily singing their hearts out.  Their mothers were also happy to have food to cook for supper.Fishing

The Visitor

“Would someone tell that maddening cockerel to stop making the din so early in the morning,” said the visitor.

There was a crowd gathering outside the local grocery shop and what for, you might ask?  It was the Cockerel Appreciation Group.  Now who ever heard of a support group like this?

One person spoke, “Let’s get the visitor out here to explain himself.”Maddening

Not what it seems

I don’t think people have the money to build a folly.  When watching history programmes I remember coming across a folly that a rich man had built for his wife during the Victorian era.  He must have loved her very much to do this, this place was in the middle of a vast grounds of a country house.

Standing on the top floor gave views of the neighbouring counties.