What’s your style?


Have you noticed how bespoke items never go out of fashion?  Someone somewhere always wants things made for them.  Is it because of the memories the item carries?  Or they want their style to be unique and different? What do you think?


Millions in the Circle of Goodness


Millions of goodness

From the hearts of good people,

Can turn the wheel of the earth,

Round and round,

Like a Merry-go-round,

With laughter and its worth

More than the gold on the richest people,

Bringing what goes round back to the circle of goodness.

A peaceful wait

Oh Lord how long shall I wait?

“Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.”  Ephesians 3:7 King James Version

Consider that whoever we are, while we are waiting in our jobs or in our capacity among family, friends, groups  and in our environment whatever role(s) we have, we have been given these as a ministry that should not be misused.

Be peaceful and have a peaceful day because Our Lord Jesus Christ has been waiting longer on us to draw nearer to him so he can draw near to us.


Or do you blame the clumsy vase?

I once saw a film and the PR team of a Art Gallery were working hard to impress this rich woman so she would attend an auction and spend some money.  Well, some clever or clumsy person placed a valuable vase on the stairs to add to the ambience.

As the rich woman came down he stairs her foot knocked the vase and she sent thousands of pounds hurling downstairs.  The staff thought she was the clumsy one.


All for Two

I knew a man called Slattery,

He was full of flattery,

His words seemed equipped with the buttery

That he used to run an Eatery,

He took himself and I to the Presbytery,

Where he placed a ring so glittery,

To start a wedded bliss with gifts from the lottery,

But the hard work was to come; the good marriage mastery.

All for two in this mystery,

At home and work moulded together like pottery,

In our new roles and serving each other and guests without jittery,

We conquered the pitfalls of a young couple and had no effrontery.


My luxury or yours?

Luxuriously clothed because money is no object,

Does it give full satisfaction of money well spent?

Objects about the skin feeling luxuriously smooth,

The desire to own them, with monthly savings diligently made,

Is the satisfaction of the achievement worth a greater happiness?