Homing instinct

Instinct has made the news many a time. How you may ask?  Well, I have always found it fascinating when I read about the cats and dogs that find their way home after the owners had moved from one area to another.  It is their homing instinct directing them.  What a useful thing to have?.

Arid land


Again I hear there is starvation,

The children are going without food,

The arid land is yielding nothing,

As the heavens haven’t pour out the rain.

Same old problems,

Where are the engineers?

Where are the rich with private jets?

We don’t want their help for free,

Unless they are with good hearts,

And giving and forward looking,

To progress their motherland

And turn arid to fertile.

Model baby boy

The baby was so well dressed, all eyes were on him and his parents.  Was it the little man’s birthday that he had  his mini designer suit on?  Then one lady in her fifties plucked up the courage and  asked.  “Is it your boy’s birthday? It’s so nice to see you take time with his appearance, most people don’t bother anymore.”

“Oh no, we are going to a photo shoot,” said the boy’s Dad.


Bonding and fun time


Craft can take various forms, a rewarding one is making playthings out of all the collected items of empty cereal boxes, old wrapping paper, inner tubes of kitchen rolls, plastic tops, etc.  In fact anything that is safe and can be recycled we set aside to use.  My children still talk of the things we made together.  Best of all, it was fun and a great time for bonding too.