Homing instinct

Instinct has made the news many a time. How you may ask?  Well, I have always found it fascinating when I read about the cats and dogs that find their way home after the owners had moved from one area to another.  It is their homing instinct directing them.  What a useful thing to have?.


Share Patterns


There is a pattern in everything,

The way we talk,

The way we move,

The way we relate.

What is it that you do well?

Sure you found a pattern,

A winner that gives great results,

So you keep it and and replicate it,

Someone learns from it and becomes

A better person with knowledge too.


Togetherness is of such a time as this.  At New Year’s Eve churches were filled with people, their singing and prayers make the crossing over service into the new year a joyous one.  Lots make the effort to gather together at home and in their social gatherings too.  The praise and worship, the sing-a-long, the cheers and hugs are what we remember of these company of acquaintances.  And at different times  throughout the year these people and the joy we shared as strangers, family and friends come to mind and help us carry on with life’s daily nuances.