Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #29

Reading a book while having our Elevenses or Brunch is a past-time many of us indulge in.  As grown ups it is a hobby that may have started in our childhood.  There are some children who do not like to read, whatever the reason is, it’s good to encourage them to read. Join them to spend time with them while they read the story books they brought from school and those at home helps.

Being truly involved is to read to them as well, just as they read to us.  I think it takes away the pressure they feel, from the lack of confidence they have or inability to be at the right reading level.  It’s amazing to see the development that they make from the little time we give.  Happy Elevenses/Brunch reading.

I am enjoying Grilled Sausages, New Potatoes, Sliced Carrots to be followed by Fruit and Pineapple Juice while I think of happy times spent reading with my parents and grandparents.


The Virtuous Woman’s Hope Box

When I think of mother,

I remember a woman,

Who made and bought for a rainy day,

Who was prepared and like

The woman in Proverbs 31:10-31,

The Virtuous Woman,

She was praised by her husband and children,

But ah, there’s one more thing,

Whether an item was fragile or not she would say,

“Take care of that because it’s older than you.”

“How come?” we would ask,

“I bought it before any of you was born,

and I looked after it well so you could use it too” she would reply

The object having come out from her Hope box,

Which she continued to top up,

Buying or making everything useful but not hoarding.

African Sky

I am running around,

My eyes are looking up at the sky,

So many stars looking down at me,

We play a game called Twinkle Twinkle,

The stars eyes’ open and shut,

They appear to say Twinkle, Twinkle,

I open and shut my eyes to say Twinkle, Twinkle ,

Now there are so so many stars in the African sky,

Going Twinkle, Twinkle,

I can’t keep up with them,

I keep looking up,

I didn’t hear my Grandma call out,

“Look where you are going”

Bump went I into the tree,

These twinkles are coming from nowhere,

There’s more to the African sky than meets the eye.


Big Sister Little Brother


“Obviously I’ve got homework to do,” said Nigel, “but I want to finish playing this game, it’s alright because I have a Time Table, you know a Schedule to get all I have to do done today. ”

Agnes replies, “If it is that obvious why didn’t you plan the homework before the game, that way you would be prioritising what’s important first, and do bring this Time table for me to see.”

“Here it is, see for yourself,”  as Nigel hands it over.

Agnes reads and finds something interesting and says to her brother, “So what time did you put down to finish the game?”

“Obviously when I have won, silly!” an indignant Nigel says in a loud voice.

“Your game ends now, because you could be going on with this game forever if you don’t win and I am responsible for you completing your homework before Mum and Dad get home,” added Agnes frowning.

“You big sisters are so bossy,” was Nigel’s reply.

“Well you’ve only got me, so appreciate moi,” retorted Agnes.

A prank

The stars twinkled in the sky and the crescent of the moon sent a ray of light on to the group hurdled together on the downstairs veranda.  We sat with the older siblings, it was a balmy night, the mosquitoes sang in our ears as we listened to the ghost stories.  Although we the young ones were afraid just listening to the details, the thought of walking the short distance of the darkly lit passage to the stairs and up to our bedrooms was scarier..

After we couldn’t take much more, we plucked up the courage to go.  As we were half way down the passage we heard the noise and saw something which frightened us, we screamed so loudly everyone came out of their apartments.  It was one of our neighbours playing a prank.

Don’t make life complicated

Don’t make life complicated,

Husbands and wives help each other,

Children and grand children get involved,

Who wants help with the chores today?

‘Many hands make light work’

An easy question to ask gets an easy answer.

Who neglected who?

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’

Loneliness in old age is not easy to share.

What inheritance did you leave us?

‘Waste not want not.’

Living the high life with no money management equals zero.

Can you learn from your mistakes?

‘Charity begins at home’

Being humble to learn virtues stops heartache and trouble.


Value the Elderly and Teach your Children Well


“Old man, so this boy knocked on your door once, ran away and you go calling the Police” the oldest boy said disdainfully, “Isn’t that mean?”

“Surely it can only be taken as a joke, nothing else, can’t you see that?”  one other child spoke.

What kind of thinking goes on inside your heads, who would call that a joke?, said the mother of the child being blamed by the Old man and Police.

With seven children knocking and running away all morning, which one of you would like their Grand Dad or Grandma troubled in such a way.”   “And who knocked on the old man’s door first? asked the Police Constable.

“All of us except him, you’re holding on to.” pointing, the oldest whispered.

The boy’s mother started to blame herself for giving him a break from his homework, when the boys called for her son to come out to play.

So you can only whisper now, what are you lying about? said the Policeman.

It was us, he didn’t do it because we just called him to join in and hid so the old man would blame him.” the smallest of the trouble makers said.

“You are all in serious trouble because you disturbed and harassed the old man, lied and got your friend into trouble, worried his Mum and tried to make her out to be the one lying, wasting valuable Police time, that’s just for starters, so I have to see your parents at the Police Station” the Police Constable addressed them sternly.

“Oh please Sir,” came a chorus of frightened voices.

Before letting go of the boy to go home with his mother he made all of them apologise to the old man and promised not disturb him again.

What do you think?  I think there are so many lessons for us all, parents, adults and our children to learn from this. I’m sure we will and teach our children well as well as continuing to pray for our children, grand children and great grand children to be at the right place at the right with the right people and doing the right things.