SIWO Global News 18th November 2018 #218

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More Than 400 Hurt As Protesters Intensifies Their Rage Against Fuel Rises In France

More than 400 people were hurt and 14 seriously in a day and night of protests by “yellow vests” with one person was dying, said the Interior Minister Mr C. Castanet. Protesters set up to block roads, roundabouts and thoroughfares to show their anger at the hike in fuel prices. Some drivers confronted the protesters resulting in tempers flaring among them. It was estimated that 288,000 took part in the protest on Saturday at 2,034 locations and 3,500 people stayed out overnight.

Pope Francis Marks Day Of The Poor

The Roman Catholic Church’s Day of the Poor was marked by Pope Francis who invited thousands of poor people to Mass and lunch at the St Peter’s Basilica. He said, “Let us ask for the grace to hear the cry of all those tossed by the waves of life.” The Pope has also arranged for doctors to provide free medical care.

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“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.

by Mae Jemison


Content- BBC News http://www.voanews


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