SIWO Global News 8th November 2018 #206

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Another Massacre In The United States Of America

A man wearing a black trench-coat fired 30 times into a night club where hundreds of students were dancing the night away.  He started off by throwing smoke bombs to panic the group who were line dancing at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles.  12 people died including a hero police officer, who had gone in to confront the gunman.  The Police Chief was overcome with emotion at the loss of all the young people whose parents has had their hearts broken and praised his officer as a dedicated comrade and friend whose wife had been talking  her husband minutes before he went into the club.  The identity of the gunman is still not known.

Prince Charles Tells Us His 70th Birthday That, As King His Views Will Not Meddle Or Oppose Government

A BBC documentary, Prince, Son\, And Heir: Charles At 70, shows him as a player on the world stage with the ability to speak his mind on subjects like human rights and religious affairs.  What he says does carry weight although he doesn’t always see eye to eye with politicians.  He is just doing the diplomatic role of having meetings with and corresponding with politicians, high commissioners and ambassadors to help the Queen and the government.  He will still write to ministers but it will be for their eyes only.  Prince Charles has ruled out being a “meddling monarch” when he succeeds to the throne,saying “I am not stupid.”

Inspirational Story/Quote

“You Have To Expect Things Of  Yourself Before You Can Do Them.”

by Michael Jordan


Content- Evening Standard us

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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