Better to have and give support

When I read about the Japanese concept of Moai and how the people of Okinawa practised Moai as part of their culture, I was impressed.  Their benefit of this concept is longevity, has become transparent to the world. Moai means ‘ meeting for a common purpose’.    Okinawa uses Maois, their informal  groups of social support to help members.  A narcissistic personality would not be comfortable in that setting.  Okinawa is among areas of the highest concentration  of centanarians in the world.

SIWO Global News 23rd May 2018 #37

Knowledge is Wealth

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Ms Yulia Skripal speaks out

Yulia  Skripal spoke to assembled journalists saying “We lucky to have survived the assassination attempt”.  She couldn’t believe how and why anyone could want to kill her father and herself.  She wanted to go to Russia sometime in the future but not yet, though the Russian Ambassador felt she was being kept in Britain against her will.

Inflation is down

Inflation is down from 2.5%  in March to 2.4% in a month. However, increasing fuel prices overshadow the benefits to families. Other price increases are clothes, shoes and food.

American writer Roth dies

85-year old writer, Pulitzer and Man Booker  prize-winning author dies with friends and family around him.  He was given the National Humanities Medal         by Obama.  His books were based on his Jewish heritage and he seemed to want people to be irate and confronted by his books.

Cameroon Foreign Ministry summons US Ambassador

According to Press TV, Cameroonian authorities have summoned US Ambassador  Peter Barlerin for accusing the government of violent acts.  Earlier on May 18 Peter Barlerin accused government forces of “targeted killings and detentions without access to legal support, family or Red Cross and burning and looting of villages.”  He also accused the separatists of “murders of gemdarmes, kidnappings of government officials  and burning of schools.”

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of  Humanitarian Affairs  (OCHA) is aware 160,000 people have been displaced internally due to fighting between the two forces.  20,000 others have gone to Nigeria as refugees.  The Anglophone separatists are demanding autonomy since they are marginalised in education, judiciary and economy.  The President Paul Bayi has rejected this demand by a fifth of the 22 million population of the country.

Inspirational Story

Homeless and missing person Mary Seow found by family through TV programme

Mary Seow left Singapore for China.  Persuaded by fraudsters to invest her money in China, she sold her home and when she got there, she realised that it was a scam.  Working as a street cleaner and brand carrier, she managed to make enough to go to Hong Kong.  As a homeless person she joined others in the same situation and slept in the 24 hour Mc Donalds.  A TV programme on the ‘McRefuggees’ as they were known was watched by her family in Singapore.  One of them spotted Mary Seow and her name was also highlighted.  Her son flew to bring her home for a reunion.  They never imagined they would meet her again.


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BE careful Be joyful Be peaceful


Roomy homes

Thin castle?

There’s nothing like that

Thin country house?

There’s nothing like that

Thin palace?

There’s nothing like that

So what do you get?

Not a fat castle

Not a fat country house

Not a fat palace

Just beautiful and roomy

Homes, Homes, Homes.