Ceremony -of coming of age

There is a  ceremony for coming of age in most cultures.  Lots of them involve enjoying a party.  Everyone says their party is better than the other.  The important thing is that the birthday boy or girl is taught life skills as well as how to enjoy oneself .  The age to celebrate differs and the range is wide.  In Jewish law a girl has bat mitzvah at  12 years old and 13 years old boys have bar mitzvah.  In Africa puberty is the marker for the coming of age celebration and in some countries involves female and male genital circumcision. This practise is not acceptable for the complications it causes.  European and American parents organise Sweet Sixteen for both boys and girls. There used to be a popularity for the 21st birthday party. In Latin America the Fiesta de la Quince Anos(Quinceanera) is celebrated for the 15 year old girl.


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