A Vegan for a Week- 5 Day Family Challenge

It’s actually the last day of our challenge. We did find it hard at times. Constantly reminding oneself what is and what is not vegan. Reading the label thoroughly for that vegan logo became the first thing to do. So it was time consuming at times. I should say this really applied to snacks. Menu planning meals is always a good way of organising the household and I applied this here, However, an impromptu event like this does call for ingenuity. Apart from the good shopping list of ready vegan meals x6 all the food we had was homemade and fresh. It helped that there were some foid staples like beans, lentils, rice, lasagne pasta and our usual stock of salad, vegetables and fruit in the house.

The health benefits we noticed was that everyone had a calmer demeanour. The digestive system seem to work much better too.

I think we will have vegan meals as part of our diet. I hope you enjoyed our journey. I promised some photos and I shall get them to you.
Here’s our menu for Day 5.

Grilled Vegan Sausages
7 Bean Mix
Fresh Fruit
Tea or Juice

Red Pepper and Lentil Soup
Deep fried Akara (Bean Puffs)
Tofu with Salad
Fresh Fruit
Apple Juice

Rice and Beans
Green Salad
Mixed Roasted Nuts
Cassava Crisps
Mixed Fresh Berries

A Vegan for a Week- 5 Day Family Challenge

Update Day 3 & 4
This update shows I have respect for the Vegan lifestyle. It’s not easy and creativity is the name of the game to make the meals nutritious, filling and presentable. We also found we had to be eating often because the protein or lack of it seems to make us hungry more often. My go to snack was fresh and dried fruits. Somehow we forgot to buy nuts.
Well, the peanut butter which was meant to be used for a sauce or soup went on toast and banana and in porridge. When out at work or in town, it was fairly easy to get Vegan meals.

Menu -Day 3

Avocado on Toast
Cereal with Hemp milk
Fresh Fruit

Brown Rice and Green Lentils in Savoury Tomato Sauce
Quorn Nuggets
Carrots. Baked Beans in Barbacue Sauce

Vermicell Chinese Stir Fry
Sauteed Soya Cubes
Corn on the cob
Banana with Chai Seeds

Day 4
CHEESE on Toast
Fresh Fruit
Tea. Water. Juice

Rice and Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Pepper Hummus

Vegetable Lasagne
Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Fruit

Juice. Tea

Vegan meals for a Week: Day 1 of 5, Family Challenge

Hello friends, when the challenge was set, I felt making meals would be no problem. This is because we often eat vegetarian meals anyway and there’s a pescetarian among us. I grew up with some of the family not eating meat or seafood. I planned Vegan meals of British, of Ghanaian, of World cuisine to get a good variety. I felt it would be necessary to cook in batches and saving foods in the fridge and freezer for other days, otherwise too much time will be given to preping and cooking.

On the first day, the 9th of April 2018, what I found most difficult was what I could use as protein apart from beans and pulses. This was despite a big shopping trip purposely for the challenge. The ready made protein meals we bought were Nuggets, Fishless fingers, Pie and Barbacue Strips. However, majority of these would be for the child among us, who by the way was very vocal and wanted to take part in this. I was also well equipped with a very detailed magazine I got from the Vegan Food Fest I attended last year.

FEEDBACK ON Days 1 and 2.
I felt light headed part of
Day 1 and had to have a Peanut butter sandwich. One of us felt it was nice for the whole family to have the same meal and eat together. We are enjoying the experience.

These are our meals on Day 1 of 5, Family Vegan Challenge

Oat Porridge with Almond Milk and Peanut butter.
Weetabix with Almond Milk.
Choice of Satsuma, Banana or Apple.
Tea, Water and Juice.

Water, Tea. Juice.

Shortcuts pastry Soya Pie
Lentil Casserole
Roast Potatoes.
Kale with Onions and Red Peppers
Choice of Fresh Fruit
Snacks- Crisps
Juice, Water or Almond milk.

Vegan Sausages
Roast Potatoes
Aubergine, Courgettes, Carrots and Onions in Coconut Curry Sauce.
Fresh Fruit. Water. Juice Biscuits.

Day 2 of 5
Peanut butter on Wholemeal bread
Weetabix with Almond milk
Choice of Fresh Fruit
Tea .Water. Apple Juice

Mid morning Dried Sulltana, Raisins

Vegan Fish Fingers and Chips
Pie and Chips
Baked Beans
Kale and Red Peppers
Fresh Fruit
Juice. Water .Warm Almond Milk

Noodles with Vegetables in Coconut Curry Sauce.
7 Bean Mix in Herbs.
Fresh Fruit
Juice . Water

Ok folks, it’s very late here so I shall say goodnight and see you later in the morning. For some it could be later in the day or night.

A Vegan for a week- 5 day Family challenge

I was being challenged to eat vegan meals for a week. This request or or challenge has been cropping up both from family members and a couple of friends. There’s always the laugh and a look, as if no one thinks I can do it.
Well, now I have turned the table on to them and asked my family, “why aren’t you doing it too? So this week I shall tell you how we’re getting on and what we eat.

Your choice

The warnings were on the wall
Who were they written for?
Who were they written by?
What were the warnings about?
I see you took no notice of them,
Why do human beings take no heed,
Of previous experiences passed on freely to save them the palaver
Of toiling.

Wait a minute!
Is it because they know, that warnings, despite well-meant
Never stop life’s challenges.
Some people believe their own journey prepares them to face it.
Make your choice, settle your mind
Be strong and do your best
Make the best of all talents.