SIWO Global News 30th April 2018


The new Home Secretary is Sajid Javid    He is an experienced politician and now has an unenviable number of monumental issues in his tray to sort out.  He has said his priority is to sort out the Windrush Generation crisis.

Sajid is a son of a bus driver, his family came from Pakistan in the 1960s.  He was the Communities, Local government and Housing Secretary.  His banking background made him suitable as Business and Culture Secretary.

Royal Wedding Countdown, there’s 18 days to go.  Their wedding cake is an elderflower and lemon one. It is made by Claire Ptak, a pastry chef who owns London’s Violet Bakery.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of not keeping to the deal regarding the Nuclear programme.

In Afghanistan two suicide bombers have killed 25 people including journalists and medical staff.  Over 40 people were injured.

Inspirational Story

Former Commando, Mick Bainbridge was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and still took on the Australian Department of Defence for injustice.  His physical and mental health was at a low ebb after five overseas deployments in Afghanistan.  He went to seek help at Defence but he was told go back to work or … Mick battled with the Defence to get entitlement he was due, endured a police raid for no reason and he energised himself to go to university to study law at the Wollongong University.

His journey through PTSD was witnessed by Australian Official army artist Ben Quilty.  The Archibald Prize- winning artist painted a portrait of Australian soldiers. Quilty’ s impression of the soldiers he saw on the battlefield made he want to paint their  immediacy on their return to Australia.  When the artist met the commando he saw that Mick felt like he was no one. Quilt made a nude portrait of Mick called ‘Trapper M’

With the help of his barrister, a senator and the Defence Minister, a mediation was planned with the Australian Department of Defence. Mick had great support from his wife, Brooke.  He was elected the youngest vice-president of the New South Wales The Returned and Services League  (NSW RSL ). He was motivated to transform his life and he did.


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