Dance with me

Love dancing? 

I do!

What joy it gives!

Sing and dance 

By yourself,

Or with a partner

Or a group. 

Joy indeed! 
A night out,

Dancing cheek to cheek.

The Big Band Sound

Takes us down memory lane,

As we hold each other

And sway to the music 

My husband and I

Rekindling our love.

That’s how we met,

He liked how I danced,

I liked how he danced

 That was the attraction,

We danced all night,

And talked all day

We still continue to dance.


We win

Faint not my friend,

For there is nothing 

Too much for you 

For you to handle,

Because remember,

Just call on me

And with Jesus 

On our side

We win.


Panacea of cures,

Hear me! Hear me!

I have the one,

You’ve been waiting for,

Here you come, Here you come 

To collect the magic cure,

Is it your pain or your faith,

That draws you to want to

Try and resolve your problem?

Watch out! Watch out!

Placebo! Placebo!

Nothing but placebos.

Luck in Loveliness Street 

Neighbours to the left,

Neighbours to the right,

I am stuck in the middle,

A kind of comfortable place,

To be with no edginess.

When the wind blows

And bends the walls 

Houses shape into a horseshoe,

Still luck is with me

Flowing making waves,

Getting us closer and talking

All so friendly with each other,

 No isolation like we often see

In my street,your street, our street

Because we made a change happen,

We said, “enough is enough, no more of

Loneliness Street it’s Loveliness Street.

What a mystery!

A mystery just occurred, the post I was writing has just vanished.  I wanted to get it published before the 2nd. But that’s not going to happen now.  So I shall use this opportunity to say thank you for the patience of all my followers and readers.  I haven’t been able to write consistently but you hang on in there in blogosphere and enjoyed my catch up writing over the last few days.

Welcome  too, to all my new followers whom I haven’t thanked individually.  To all, have a superb day or night whatever time it is at yours.  God Bless.


I love reading mystery books, I discovered these books in secondary school.  I always want to solve the mystery before getting to the end of the story.  Sometimes I did get it and that was so so much fun.

I confess when I should be reading my literature books for course work and exams, I could be found deep into these exciting mystery ones. Having a free rein in the school library contributed to this.

I enjoyed discussing the literature books with my friends then go on to do my homework.  They were usually surprised at the good marks I got for the micro amount of work I had done. The evening study time really was the tme I could write and hand it in the next morning.  After secondary school I was into writing more than reading.  It was therapeutic as I didn’t have the usual family or friends around.  There are many useful lessons of life skills we learn at school, both in and outside of the classroom.