Popular discovery 

Learning how to cook is so popular nowadays.  I am so happy to say it’s neophytes to this skill are not just microwave meals.  Fresh produce is being appreciated.  Foods from all four corners of the world are sourced and used Rather than being looked at as strange.

Knowledge is definitely power.  Power to know that the ubiquitous avocado of tropical climates is full of goodness.  This is found in the form of monosaturated days, lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals such as B-Vitamins, Vitamin K, potassium, copper, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folate, Water and Protein.

When I was young could eat avocado all day, well any time of the day.  It went with bread, yam, cassava as a snack or as a side dish to meals like Grilled or Fried Fish or Meat, Fresh blended peppers and Kenkey, Apkle or Banku.  I couldn’t eat avocados but now I found a way and it’s back on my menu.  So in a way, I am also a neophyte to cooking with avocado.



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