Nature does it best

The autumn evening show was about to begin above the Village Green, just as it happens every year, no one knows the time exactly but they were ready for it .  All day people had been coming from near and far in cars,  caravans, trains, on bikes and on foot.  There were tourists filling the hotels and Hostels as well as the Bed and Breakfast places.  A roaring trade was going on for the Airbnb company as householders were prepared to camp out so they could make a bob or two.  Many friendships were made.

The Village Clock Tower emitted the sound of the chimes as the clock struck  at 6 p.m.  This was suddenly followed by a low murmuration  which increasingly got louder.  Heads turned and eyes looked upwards to see more than 100,000 starlings in their phenomenal acrobatic dance and loops.  This went on for a good long time and all took photographs of this magical entertainment, nature had given the starlings the spotlight.

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