The lushness of the Spa


The lushness of the Spa,

A once in a life time

Experience it shouldn’t be,

Each day of hard work

Of doing for others,

Of thinking of others

Should be rewarded with

A pampering, a massage,

A leisurely siesta,

A simple exquisite meal,

A service with a smile,

Makes me a twice a year visitor.




Be aware of borrowing money,

It’s easy to do,

But difficult to pay back.

Don’t go on the never never,

Meaning the interest on it,

Continues and increases,

Preventing you from ever finishing off

Paying your debt.

Use the 24 hour rule

Before you buy something you see,

See it , wait 24 hours,

Go and get it if you really need it.

The forty year gap between these advice

Shows it holds true always.

Unexpected gift


She watched the posters, beautiful bouquet of flowers and the Valentine cards on display.  For a moment or two she totally forgot why she had come into the store as she lovingly remembered the events of the year before and what could have been.  Then she heard a voice behind her, as she turned she noticed it was Shirley from her class with a bouquet which seemed too big for her little hands.

“Miss this is for you, to say thanks for helping me and we are moving so I won’t be seeing you”, spoke Shirley.  “Oh! thank you so much for this but why didn’t you say anything about this at school?” Miss Cynthia Morris said looking at Shirley and her Dad who stood behind the little girl.

“We didn’t want to make a big thing of it and as you are her private tutor too we are letting you know first then the school,” Shirley’s Dad added, “actually we went to the house and was told you would be here, we were coming to shop for the journey tomorrow anyway”.

“So what’s the rush, just when Shirley is settling in well with her work and friends too?, Miss Cynthia questioned.

“Well these things happen,” came the reply.

“I hope all is well with this family,” she thought and made a mental note to check on Shirley’s school history.

Bonding and fun time


Craft can take various forms, a rewarding one is making playthings out of all the collected items of empty cereal boxes, old wrapping paper, inner tubes of kitchen rolls, plastic tops, etc.  In fact anything that is safe and can be recycled we set aside to use.  My children still talk of the things we made together.  Best of all, it was fun and a great time for bonding too.