Spanish oranges

I bought some oranges,

My Greengrocer saw me contemplating,

“Oh they are very juicy, the best Spanish ones”, he said.

I thought that I will try them on his recommendation and did,

So true, so juicy and I wish I bought more than three.



Dare to Defy

Nelly Cherry

dare todefy.gif

Dare to defy

Dare to stand up to survive

Challenge yourself by getting out of your shell

Shake the world with thunder and light it up

Don’t let your words be hushed and speak out loud

Don’t resist and be submissive rather be in charge

Fight like there is no tomorrow and be a leader

Fight for what you believe in and stand true to your path. Registered & Protected  UUML-EWJP-S1SK-ENI2

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Birth made easier


Squatting is supported by the exponents of natural birth as a beneficial way to give birth.  So what are the benefits being suggested?  Squatting can cut the length of labour and expedite delivery.  In my experience the women, whom I have been midwife to, on changing to a squatting position do have their babies quite quickly after having been labouring for a long time.  It always seem to be the last position taken, although some women put squatting as their choice of delivery position in their Birth Plan.  Getting down at the right time is important otherwise it is tiring on the legs and hips.

According to Doula, Alana Bibeau, PhD, the pelvic opening is widened about 20% to 30% by using the upper legs as levers on the pelvic bones and another benefit is more oxygen gets to uterine muscles and the baby, helps to dilate the cervix,.labour pains are lessened and the  incidence of episiotomy or perineal tears and caesarian section has dropped.

Squatting birth is something for pregnant women to consider.

Baby sounds

The sounds a baby makes helps us to care for their needs.  There is the cooing, gurgling, babbling, oohs and aahs.  Of course we have the obvious crying.  The sounds vary as to when they want to play, to be held for comfort and bonding, to get attention for a problem to be solved.  It is not always easy to detect but attentive we must be until they are old enough to vocalise their needs.


A book I love to read

Great Expectations, What a book!,

Every page revealed an exciting episode,

The plot was so simple,

The journey so intricate,

The good, the bad, the indifferent,

Were all characters we visualised,

We critically weighed them,

Their actions and motions,

Interactions and emotions,

Their purpose and assignations,

All in all the enjoyment each folio gave,

An urge to read cover to cover,

An urge to be writer and enthral readers.Expectation

Found safe and well

The seriousness of the offence was flabbergasting, no one could quite believe how the parents could punish a child that way.  Everyone agreed that it was over the top.  The parents thought, the fright that would be left on the child’s mind by spending time alone in the forest for a few minutes would alter his behaviour, it rather became a thing of an embarrassment to them.

As minutes became hours and a day passed, they had no  choice but to get the Police, the Army and other services involved to help locate the boy.

Someone up above, who we look up to was looking out for the child and kept him safe until he was found. Many prayers were said for his safety and the Lord answered those prayers.