Fresh -a -retreat


A retreat cleanses your body,

A retreat cleanses your mind,

Enables your soul to be cleansed,

Enables your spirit to be cleansed,

In the scheme of things it feels fresh,

In the bounty of life we start afresh,

Open your heart let your prayer flow,

Open your eyes and let your vision glow,

Unity of your senses awaken,

Unity of your purpose not to be taken.


2 thoughts on “Fresh -a -retreat

  1. A retreat is a time to rest, and refresh. I believe it is an awesome time to spend a few weeks with the Lord, even at home. A retreat refreshes you if it is a Bible retreat. I have often gotten away to refresh with other people at a conference. It was hard to find the meeting place, because the retreat was in the country, away from towns, and lots of people. Actually, you can retreat at your home, between you and the Lord. At times friends may retreat in order to pray together. Two praying together put 10,000 to flight. Think of 3? It is a cord that isn’t easily broken. Retreating is spending quality time over what you like to hear about. I love to hear about the Lord, and to sing to Him. A retreat is refreshing. Really.


    1. Your thoughts and experience of a retreat so echo mine. It is from this memory and background that the words of the poem came to my mind. Everyone must try a retreat at home or away in the country and when it’s with the Lord, you are right to share that it is especially refreshing.

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