You are a good God, I am not taking your name in vain by the above.  Truly, truly, I just finished writing about my experience on the Underground this morning in my post as Guest Author on Success Inspirers’ World.  I came straight to Reader to find the Daily Prompt word.  Guess what, its Underground.  So double Underground from me.  Great minds think alike. LOL.

Just to say when the Docklands Light Railway changes from its Underground journey to the surface around the Docklands through Canary Wharf and Cutty Sark, its a feast for the eyes.  It’s getting quite beautiful with the architecture, the barges, boats, homes, hotels, outside sitting areas by the Thames.  I noticed a Pub called the Artful Dodger as in Charles Dickens’ Oliver.  I began to fantasise if the great man was around those areas.  Very interesting.  So the old and the new are side by side.  I believe the new developers are making better facilities for those who have always lived there or at least I hope they are.

Whenever you are in London go take a look.

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