Urgent:She wants to push!!! Car park?


I lived by urgent for so many years as a nurse and  then a midwife.  However there is no urgent like a car arriving in the hospital car park with a woman in labour.  In the middle of seeing to a Triage full of pregnant women I heard my name being called with increasing urgency.

I was needed to help in the car park, two midwives had already been sent out.  I met one coming back to report the woman couldn’t move for the pain and needed to push.  I asked her to bring a wheelchair while I went to assess the situation.   I was already armed with a delivery pack and towels. I decided we still had a few minutes with which to get her closer to the Maternity unit and in better lighting.

The car was parked away from the main door and in the middle of a nearly empty car park.  With the woman half-in and half -out of the car, I managed to coax her to get back into the car and then get her husband to drive into the bay of the entrance.  Obeying the signs ‘Ambulance Only’  which he had seen led him to decide he didn’t want to get in trouble, so he had parked elsewhere.

This job helped me to keep fit, so in a trot beside the car and talking to her to calm her by way of correct breathing exercises, we safely got to the Entrance/Bay.  With all our efforts, into the wheelchair she sat and unto the Midwife -Led Centre and hands of the midwife who was ready and waiting to assist with the delivery of her baby.  A baby boy soon arrived within minutes to the delight and relief of the parents and helpers.

It also caused a bit of excitement among the women I had left to deal with this labour of love, they didn’t mind having to wait and it was all in a day’s work for me.

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