Things I heard this week

Things people said this week:

“Rich people don’t know God”

“I definitely was not as humble as I am now, but through life experience and closeness with God’s Word and teachings in the Bible I improved ”

“I will wait on the Lord and He is the one I ask to meet my need.”

“When I am married, its only marriage, I can always leave it.”

Many others could have said any or all of the above at one time or another.  On pondering further it seems that these thoughts and words do come up.  I wasn’t interacting with the people who made first and last statements, I overheard them saying it in a public place.

In Jesus Name, I  pray the Grace of God touch us all to know Him and to say wise things. There are some rich people who know God just as there are some who don’t.  The same could be said about poor people or anyone and their level of means too.  It isn’t fair to make a blanket statement about any group of people.  I also think to already have the mindset of devaluing marriage  before going into it, is not a good thing.  I feel one is reducing their chances of success.  I may not have the full context or circumstances but their behaviour did not leave much to go by.

I am not perfect, I do still ask for God’s Grace when I want to say something because as a child, what was really impressed on me was to correct my impatience and how I spoke.   Life experiences and knowing His Word are great teachers, with the owners of the third and fourth statements we were able to ask for and thank God for His Grace in their and our lives.   Stay Blessed.



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