Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #29

Reading a book while having our Elevenses or Brunch is a past-time many of us indulge in.  As grown ups it is a hobby that may have started in our childhood.  There are some children who do not like to read, whatever the reason is, it’s good to encourage them to read. Join them to spend time with them while they read the story books they brought from school and those at home helps.

Being truly involved is to read to them as well, just as they read to us.  I think it takes away the pressure they feel, from the lack of confidence they have or inability to be at the right reading level.  It’s amazing to see the development that they make from the little time we give.  Happy Elevenses/Brunch reading.

I am enjoying Grilled Sausages, New Potatoes, Sliced Carrots to be followed by Fruit and Pineapple Juice while I think of happy times spent reading with my parents and grandparents.


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