Be the boss of that Panic Button


What panic button have you?

Don’t panic,

When fears grip you,

Whether it rises

From inside of you,

Whether it’s

From outside sources,

Whatever you do,

Let it be,

Dominated by you,

Be the boss,

Accept you feel it,

Denying it keeps it shut up

Only to raise its ugly head

Accept it belongs to you?

No way Jose,

So wave it goodbye,

Because you never wanted it,

In the first place.

It may take a little time,

Accept a little help,

From friends, family,

Be counselled,

Talk and listen,

When its over,

I’m dancing,

Join me.



4 thoughts on “Be the boss of that Panic Button

  1. Being a habitual procrastinator, panic is one motivating force I used to rely on too much.
    I know many people who break down in panic, and it took me a while to understand that it comes down to a lack of experience with it.

    Panic is something you will have to get used to sooner or later though, and you’re right in that 🙂
    Panic is only something scary if you let it control you.
    Be the boss indeed.


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