Silence in the Library

The library was full of noise,

That’s not supposed to happen,

A cough here, a sneeze there,

More than a mobile or two buzzed,

On waking up from a sleep mode,

With the Silent profile rejuvenated,

The noise got worse and worse,

People talked and laughed,

This is not the Library of yesteryear,

When silence was golden.


5 thoughts on “Silence in the Library

  1. Come to think of it…I agree… this trend in libraries is emerging here as well…they are not sanctuaries of silence anymore…how astute an observation! Great post…thank you for sharing. 😀


  2. I don’t mind the change, so long as there’s a silent room still. Libraries are now more like community hubs.
    Libraries are deeply integrated and involved in the local community anyway, so it makes sense.


    1. Positive change is good and as you say most libraries have more community input and facilities. We do need a silent area or room, some work just need more of that. .I was answering your other question but it disappeared from the screen. No change to website name just a adding a title and a little of what to expect from it. Wow, thanks for following my blog too. I shall be checking out yours.

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