Is all fair in love?

If only he knew what would happen,

If only she knew what would happen,

The lives of four families totally broken to pieces,

Like a shattered crystal decanter scattered in a million sparkling bits,

The new couple were like the far off bits,

Ostracised to outskirts of the town,

Of the village where preparations for a double wedding,

Enthused its inhabitants, who had been cheated.

They made a love nest from the little cottage,

With a pink climbing rose all around it,

Picking herbs, fruits and nuts,

Digging turnips, parsnips and potatoes,

Growing wild like their love,

They thrive.

8 thoughts on “Is all fair in love?

  1. I believe the grace of God holds a marriage together. Anyone can go through break up. Marriage is special, and the two involved should work on it together all their lives. I believe patience isn’t enough. Communication can’t be dropped. Courtesy has to continue, and marriage is a two-way street. Respect goes a long way in helping a good marriage continue for a long time. Anger is normal, but apologies are a thing of the past that need to stay in a marriage. Humility comes when we both admit our faults with each other. I believe God holds marriages together when they are going His way. This is a huge subject, but if you want your marriage to stay together, you will have to work on it, and keep it special in your heart. Speaking the truth, even a half day after the argument is what has helped in my marriage. We always forgive each other, and that is the hardest to do when one is a stronger personality than the other. Wisdom comes from God.


  2. I have been married over 40 years. Without Christ, prayers, and intervention from God we would not have made it through this long. I believe God put us together, and He keeps us strong. One verse that comes to mind is “Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to stand, having done all to stand. When we bow to Our heavenly father in Jesus name, and be come bold before His throne because of the blood of Christ shed for us on the cross, and His resurrection, we make our bold plea before His throne. It is the throne of grace. Ephesians 2:8-9 are for this year as well as Romans 8:28. I have claimed them, and I am standing on the Word. We bow our knees to God, in Jesus name, and make our prayers. Then we stand on our knees.

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    1. Congratulations to you both for 40 years of marriage. Your words are so inspiring, you would make a wonderful pre-nup marriage counsellor to plant these seeds into the couple.
      I have not been married but people tend to gravitate towards me for advice including marriage advice. We have been blessed to be able to boldly stand in His throne room of Grace so why not use it. Stay blessed.

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