Fifty Guineas

You know when words keeps buzzing you.  Well, the word  Guinea, pertaining to the monetary association (not the country) is one of the words. The other is Outdooring or naming ceremony originating in Africa and mostly done around the world by people of African descent.  Possibly other people who love it may have adopted this rite of passage.

My memory is of the fun  aspect brought into this important ceremony.  Guinea was used in the Gold Coast and early days of Ghana and at the Outdooring, gifts of money are given to the parents.  An example is, the Compere, to get the attention of the audience assembled at the paternal family’s house between 4 am to 6 am usually says, “Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention, The beautiful lady sitting to the right has come to honour the new baby with Fifty Guineas(Fifty Pounds and fifty shillings) and we all together respond, Thank you.”  Food, items of clothing and other useful items also make up gifts.

Of course this would be in the dialect of the baby’s father with the Compere or an interpreter translating if necessary. There’s the hospitality aspect of food, fruits and drinks for breakfast.

The most important part is the  lifting up of the baby and calling out his or her name for everyone to hear.


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