Family Picnic in the Park


The hampers were packed full with delicious goodies, the day had arrived for the Annual Family Picnic.  The family was now bigger and more multi-cultural since the last time Sahia attended.  There had been lots of marriages in the last ten years and they had received photos, videos and social media had been a link they would now treasure.  Her parents had been living and working in Seychelles where it radiates with sunshine all year round.  Now back in England this summer, hot weather was promised so everyone was looking forward to see each other, chat, eat and play.

Lots of preparations had gone into this occasion and jobs had been allocated when the favourites had been taken.  Well, everyone knew who was best at making Fresh Fruit Cakes, Sweet and Savoury Pastries, Chicken Curries, Beef Jollof rice,  Bourguignon, Salads and Sandwiches etc. Sweets, snacks and drinks galore were available.  Someone had the checklist so the Gazebo, cutlery, games, table, chairs and all manner of useful items were not forgotten.

They travelled there in a convoy and began to unpack.  As soon as the last item was out, someone shouted, “I felt a drop of rain.”   No sooner had Shazia replied, “Oh! you spoil sport,” did events get quite dramatic for about ten minutes.  The heavens opened with large hailstones sending everyone running for shelter.

Shelter was the nearest car and they all ended up in different cars to the one they came in.  They shared stories happily and got reacquainted while watching their delicious food and possessions being pelted on.

In response to Daily Prompt: Dramatic


The block of photos at the top of this post is from the Internet.

This photo above is of my first attempt pictures to get back into photography. I hope you like it.

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