Help solve false hair problem


After shopping at my local supermarket I got a cab home and the driver was intent on getting something off his chest.  He asked,”Do you think it is fair for my girlfriend to call me false for wanting to have a hair transplant when she has a weave, false eyelashes and the full make-up?  He hadn’t changed his looks since they met and neither had she.  They were happy with the familiar looks of each other but he was not happy about his hair or rather lack of it on parts of his scalp.

When I asked, he confirmed they love each other dearly.  I told him, on that basis they should learn to communicate their needs and wants, and what they expect of each other.  Working with a better understanding  and willingness to compromise will go a long way to helping them resolve the situation.

Now this is one of those BIG questions that total strangers can look to you to help them with.  I wonder what you think, what would your answer be, your comments are very welcome.


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