Snow Babies

When I saw today’s Daily Prompt I smiled, I know there is only one topic for me to write about.  It is the autonomy in midwifery profession guided by the education and knowledge, the Code, the Rules, the Ethics and the Evidence-based practice. .  I feel one could really get into being more autonomous in midwifery than in nursing because the practice in midwifery, is very much individualised yet broader because the care of the pregnant woman starts from Antenatal Booking Clinic to Labour and to Delivery of baby.  Throughout this time decision making to give the appropriate care is vital.  Regulation of our profession and the safety  of the women and babies cared for is what the public judges us by.

On meeting a woman at Antenatal Booking Clinic for the first time, whether she is having her first or seventh baby it is most important to make her feel relaxed and gain confident in my care. We all get nervous particularly about the unknown, and this is where giving the correct information, doing the baseline tests and checks are so important.  Once the woman is assured that the team of midwives who booked her, will see her at her appointments throughout the pregnancy and definitely at term when she would be at the end of the 40 weeks of pregnancy.  The change that comes over her is so plain to see because of this reassurance.  The benefits of continuity of care is for the woman and her baby and also the midwife, it helps to hone her autonomous midwifery skills.

I  enjoyed one such rotation of 12 months and I was able to follow up the women I had booked previously.  Even though the winter had brought snow like it was scooped from the Alps and blanketed over London I had great satisfaction of a job well done and the women, their babies and families were happy too. Self-governance is a good thing because it keeps us on our toes.


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