How green is my garden-HELP


My fence is partly broken, let’s say a couple of planks have come loose and it has been a doorway for the local cats and a family of foxes who live in the alley way.  They have become so chilled that they lie to sunbathe on the grass or the roof of the shed. No amount of shooing gets their notice.  Even sometimes we wonder why we have not seen the Ginger cat or the Black and White cat.  They have become part of the garden.

I am glad for the part the garden that does not have a fence, that is of course above the trees, shrubs and plants because it has brought butterflies, bees, birds and wind-blown seeds.  One way or another they have brought new plants into the garden.  I love the holly, the dog rose, the elderflower, blackberry etc, etc, etc but there are others that are stifling my beautiful roses. I used to get out there in the morning and spend the day dealing with it, when it became difficult I paid for it to be done.  Now I will be giving away an equivalent of someone’s  month’s pay for a day’s work. I think it’s ridiculous and exorbitant.


3 thoughts on “How green is my garden-HELP

  1. So you’ve been posting in response to the daily prompt. How long have you been doing that? How consistent have you been? How observant of your site stats have you been tempted to be?


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