Our voyage with a Princess


“Summer is here again, what shall we do” is the question we asked each other. We were planning how to spend the summer, since no one had booked a holiday to Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Malaysia or America.  We were an international group of nursing students and we were in the mood for exploring new lands and taking in new experiences, oh no! not going home at the first opportunity.  What would our families think of us and our use of the independence we have.?  How would we grow into mature young ladies if we didn’t stand on our own two feet?

The decision that won the day was made and it was unanimous.  We were going to be tourists in London.  Technically we were tourists because it’s only been seven months since we arrived in England.  We planned to make a number of voyages in and around London taking in the famous landmarks and sightseeing spots, such as, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Madame Tussauds.  By joining the official tours in the Big Red Tour Bus we really felt like tourists with the guides giving us accounts of people, buildings and history.  The history we recently learnt had been made real because of the places we saw. We even got special VIP treatment and received the best bus seats and free 5 star lunchboxes and souvenirs sourced from the famous London hamper store.  It surely felt good to be treated so special.

Although we accepted the VIP status we still wondered why, it wasn’t until we noticed the word Princess on their clipboard that the penny dropped.  All this time we never knew we had a real live Princess among us.  And there was no paparazzi in sight to worry us.

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