I am in awe…


I am in awe of writers, painters, sculptures, singers, composers and all the very many skills and talents that humans have been blessed with.  When I see someone with a focus to work hard and a focus to refine the skill or talent to their best ability, it is even more admirable. Sometimes it is recognised from childhood and exposed to us through the media and that is when we all normally go “aaahhh isn’t that cute.”  Other times it makes a latent appearance when the person is older or an elder.

I believe everyone has their talent and it shouldn’t be kept under a bush.  Just let that little light shine and it will glow and grow bigger to biggest.  And one last thing to remember is, that everyone’s definition of biggest is different.  Seek to give the biggest joy doing what you love and the biggest awe will be directed towards you.


8 thoughts on “I am in awe…

  1. I absolutely love this post!! I am in awe of all those people too.. and I am in awe of how perfectly you portrayed the fact you were in awe and how to set yourself free! lovely post!! thank you!

    Kind Regards and Sushine – K

    (Of the Black Wall Blog and Writer on Success Inspirer’s World)


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