Oooooh aimless!


Oooooh! This Daily Prompt word has really got me.  I’m not sure where to start except to say being aimless is a feeling I used to dread. I suppose my late Dad and Mum had something to do with that, setting on example and teaching me to have an aim in whatever I was doing.  Things needed to be done, work, financial (bills) and home affairs, organising the children’s things for school and other activities etc, etc, etc.  Well, being a single mother, if I didn’t do them there was no one to.  I had not been aimless at wishing to get married, I did not only have dreams but the certainty of getting married was real to me, especially when a proposal has been received at seven and repeated again to me seriously at sixteen.  Needless to say, emotions of youth and choices of youth happened not marriage.  Friends is what we continue to be and a friend indeed who proved to be a wonderful Doctor to the family and a Dad to his own.  So despite what our heart tells us, the words of wisdom, that some relationships are not meant to lead to marriage but rather friendship resonates true.  God’s plan was not aimless.

Youth is a time when the onus should be on freedom enjoyed and a time for learning about relationships and about the reality of the world that youth usually take a look at through rose-tinted glasses .   I have broken the tradition that stops discussion of normal topics with ones children and fostered life lessons of good fatherhood and motherhood through every day living.  I don’t dread the word aimless anymore because I have learnt to be kind to myself.

Happy Father’s Day to my father who taught the attributes of it and to my son who has learnt it and also to a good friend.

Am I making sense here? No one starts out to be aimless.

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