Why do we struggle?

When Our Lord already took the sorrows.

Just think about it,

In the Garden of Gethsemane

He was betrayed,

Stepping left right, left right forward march.


His accusers judged and sentenced Him

His back full of stripes black and blue.

I would have volunteered to nurse Him

I’m sure you would too.

What do we want on our heads? Not crown of thorns.

But a crown with jewels or beautiful hats,

But He got a crown of thorns.


Carrying a cross He was jeered.

How many times do we ran to our parents to say,

That someone laughed at us.

My mother said, Show me the marks the jeering made.”

Our sins were the marks that pierced His heart,

His mother was in too much pain to speak.


She didn’t leave His side

As He hang on the cross.

And where were we?

Struggling to understand how a love can be so immense,

When all He asks of us is to

Have faith in Him, love Him and love our neighbours as ourselves.


In response to Daily Prompt word – Struggle

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