It’s a Million to One today


The reminders had come through the post fast and furious and I didn’t know about them.  This time I managed to open the letter, “OMG” I said aloud.” and could not believe what I was reading.

 “You have been chosen to receive a million pounds, please reply  by letter or telephone the number above to collect your money because it will transform your life.”

“This is so strange, how did they even get my name and who is behind all this” I thought. I was getting excited, nervous and scared all at the same time.  Was it ever possible to have such a mixture of  emotions and I looked down at the pile of letters heaped up to such height, that it became affectionately known as ‘the mountain’.  I hadn’t been able to open my letters  for a year and today I had the confidence to do this one letter.  Why today’s post? I don’t know.  Yes I do. I’m not dithering, I’m just getting myself together.

What do I do first, start choosing and opening the letters from the top and work my way down, or pick them randomly or search and seek out those with the same post mark as the one I just read.  I chose to go for the last option.  So began a long and arduous task, which took me a good couple of hours but I found them all.  The subject matter was similar to the letter I first read.

Then it hit me, all this piling up started because of my concern for our planet and all the trees that were being cut down.  I wasn’t actually doing anything positive by keeping ‘the mountain’ growing.  It took up space, it made the room untidy and smaller and was turning me into a hoarder.  I decided to telephone and take the offer.and plant a tree for each letter that made up ‘the mountain’.

The transformation did not only happen in my life but also in the environment. Good results all round eh!

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