What a phase Love is?


What a phase Love is? It is because it’s so important in our lives. Everyone has different experiences of love. Be it your first love, requited or not.  Be it love when you have a crush on someone.  Be it love that is sensible like being courted, engaged, married and living happily ever after. Whichever your phase was or is, I hope you kept an eye open or are keeping both open now, to make sure you don’t let lust in as it can spoil the phase of Love.

In response to the Prompt Word -Phase




The dreams were coming fast and furious, they all seemed quite connected.  She had woken up in a haze, quite unsure of where she was.  Gradually her eyes made out the shapes in the room, in the hospital room where she had been for a year.  She had dreamt of the fall that happened right in the middle of a London railway station concourse, the journey to the hospital in an ambulance, the vigil kept by family and friends and finally waking up on a bright summer’s day.  Dreams come true and they did for her.

She left for home, wishing all a good quality of life and may their dreams come true too.

The Saga of Childbirth

“The UNICEF estimates that an average 353,000 babies are born each day around the world.  The crude birth rate is 18.9 births per 1,000 population or 255 births globally per minute or 4.3  births every second (as of Dec. 2013″ estimate) http://www.theworldcounts.com

Statistics apart and useful as they are, in the hospitals, in the homes, in the cars and on the farms the midwife sees a woman, a person, a human being not numbers giving birth.  Depending on the preparation each woman has had for it, their obstetric history, their health and the support they have from partner, family and friends, their readiness for the experience and the experience itself is different for each and every one  giving birth.

I want you to know that going through labour and giving birth is only part of the saga.  For some women, it’s as easy as A B C and they keep coming back until they have that inner feeling that their family is complete.  For others the pain is nothing like they ever imagined and just the one experience is enough, despite what modern science has to offer in the form of pain relief.

For the multitude in the middle, depending on the Lord who said “Be fruitful and multiply” is vital.  For every difficulty that comes their way a prayer meets it to overcome it.  Being there for them is an honour, to use the skills, knowledge and prayer fulfils the joy we await and receive at the end.






























The first person I heard singing, that made a memorable impression on me was my grandfather at church.  Sometimes I feel the memory is so vivid I can actually hear this tenor voice .  This created  goose pimples on one’s skin and shivers down one’s spine.  So it was not a surprise, that his school pupils were known for being very good at singing too.

In fact the whole town is good at singing.  You should hear their Easter Singing Fest, as I have been told it’s a magnificent and joyous occasion. This is when singers from surrounding towns come together for the celebrations.  Although I have never been a witness to this spectacle, I hope the tradition is being continued because its a shame to loose it.  The family continue to sing in fine voice, here’s to you Togbi (Grandpa).



Today’s Daily Prompt Word has stopped me in my tracks because I don’t want to do the first thing that came to my mind.  So I am not going to write about a building or buildings.

It occurred to me, either I’ve forgotten or I didn’t know much about modern bricks.  I am going to do some research, to find out who first made the brick we know and use all over the world today.  You never know it might just be a useful knowledge for writing about another prompt word in the future.

 Knowledge is useful.  Knowledge is power.

The Pensive Traveller


In the train carriage sat some weary travellers all going to Germany.  The Turkish lady, a mature woman in her sixties looked pensively at her fellow travellers. The American couple, who were also in their sixties sat in the two-seater opposite her.  In the seat beside her was a young African woman.  Her fellow travellers began introducing themselves and started chatting.

They turned to her to include her in the conversation, but she only gestured with her hands to indicate she didn’t know how to speak the language.  She proceeded to take items from her bag to show them.  “This was going to be like the silent movies.” the young woman thought to herself.  There was a photo of a soldier in a German uniform, next to him a pretty lady and two children.  Pointing to herself and then the man in the photo, we understood that was her son and his family.  It was going to be a family reunion.  How lovely.  She also had a passport and an official looking letter written in German.  Suddenly she went back into that pensive place again.

Though the landscape of Belgium the train moved towards Germany.  This was no Mystery on the Orient Express but it was intriguing.  Neither was it a Eurostar with its modern  amenities.   No matter what era, the gendarmes and immigration officers never change in their thoroughness of their duty.  In they marched and checked everyone, but spent a longer time with the Turkish woman.  She couldn’t speak French or English and the officers didn’t know what to make of her and were about to take her off the train.

Luckily the young African spoke a little French and convinced the officers to see the Turkish lady’s documents and they proved to be in order and onwards went they to their destinations.



Daily Prompt: Flourish


Flowers are flourishing in our gardens because it ‘s spring going on to summer.

L O V E has been lit on St Valentine’s day to grow and flourish couples hand in hand.

Over the rainbow and at its end is flourishing the gold to make the band of rings.

Unlimited are they in showing their exuberance when children flourish in the playground.

Reaching out with joy to touch in the game of Tag, which flourishes around the globe.

Is it so popular because there’s really no need for teams, equipment or scores?

So when you hear laughter in the evening time, love is flourishing with a walk.

Happy noon laughter means we’ve let the kids out into the garden to flourish with nature.